Business Domain Architecture (from technology point of view)

Business Domain Architecture

Business Domain Architecture (BDA) is a combination of Departments/ORG Charts and Traffic/Data Flow diagrams

BDA always helps me to understand how the Business works but, most importantly, allow me to simplify designs and decisions

Note: BDA is different from Business Application, Data and Security Architecture, but in my opinion, you can not provide that architecture without DBA

I will create a BDA Diagram for this post, so it is entirely made-up Business instead of using one of my actual diagrams, but it demonstrates the points
let’s say the company is called ParsCorp, and it has IT, HR, Finance, Marketing, customer service, CEO/Bord, Risk and Factory
ParsCorp assembles TV and Monitors and has 2 physical locations, HQ and Factory

the first step is to create a diagram that shows different departments in the company and if they have any teams inside them

visual representation of ORG chart plus more

in this case, I focused on the IT department and created a complete subitems category
this could help to identify the capability map related to each department or domain
now let’s focus on the IT domain and find out what functionality IT need to provide for this company to run (we could create a diagram that shows current capabilities or minimum capabilities)
Diagram 1 shows the power of an IT department for a small company, and Diagram 2 offers a larger company with could footprint

Domains plus allowed traffic flow

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